Welcome to Olive Drab Farm
Where happy goats make you amazing skin care products.
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Welcome to Olive Drab Farm – where goats play all day, chickens roost and where we make amazing natural skin care with our happy goats’ milk. Nestled in central Florida, we’re 100% off grid, retired from the military, and loving our animals. Check out what’s new in the shop below:

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Meet Pepper (left)
Birthday: February 2012

Loves: rubbing her horns on the chicken coop and barn stalls.
Dislikes: being told to stop rubbing her horns on the barn stalls.

Pepper is very camera shy…but she is a love bug. She will catch you off guard and rub her face down the back of you leg. As timid as she can be, she is actually a very pushy sales-goat! Pepper is our last-minute promoter and will always let you know when our sales are about to end.

Guess what? No, not chicken butt! Ok, it IS chicken butt!

Welcome to our goat farm journey! Please hang on tight and keep all of your hands in the shower during this ride. We promise to surprise you with bold scents and colors as long as you continue to enjoy our products and our story. Learn more about us and our farm here.