Welcome to Olive Drab Farm – where goats play all day, chickens roost and where we make amazing natural skin care with our happy goats’ milk. Nestled in central Florida, we’re 100% off the grid, retired from the military, and loving our animals.

Creamy & luxurious goat milk lotion

Handmade goat milk lotion fresh from our farm is truly a treat. You know we are involved “hands-on” in every aspect of the process. Everything from hand milking our goats twice a day to labeling our bottles of lotion. It is done 100% by us on our farm. That’s why we say: OUR GOATS, OUR MILK, OUR LOTION!

Hand-crafted goat milk soap

Goat Milk Soap has man benefits including: naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acids that can remove dead skin cells, vitamin A – a necessity for repairing skin, and milk proteins possess stunning anti-microbial properties.

The numbers are in...

Goat Milk Bar Soap
Goat Milk Bubble Bath
Natural Deodorant
Foaming Hand Soap

Having trouble deciding what to get?

Meet Nugget (left)
Birthday: unknown

Loves: her human dad, she dances and throws her uncommonly large comb back and forth when he talks to her. She was re-homed to our farm when her owner had to move to a new residence as chickens were not allowed.

Dislikes: being picked up, absolutely despises it but loves if her human dad scratches her back.

Red (right) loves his red heads, but really just loves chickens. 


SheWolf0401/15/2021 Hippie Chic Body Butter
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I didn't know that I needed hippie chic body butter in my life, but it has made my world brighter and more pleasantly scented! This goat's milk body butter is wonderful because it is thick enough that you don't have to use much, but not so thick that you get that terrible greasy feeling. The fruity scent is subtle but soothing and the BRIGHT blue color is just delightful. Also, I have extremely sensitive skin, so I tested this by leaving it on to double check and I had no adverse reactions. Huzzah!
Nathaley R.01/18/2021 Honey Oatmeal Milk Foaming Sugar Scrub
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Shipping was so fast! I love everything about the product, I even got a free sample of chapstick and lotion, the chapstick works wonders for my lips and the sample lotion, a little really did go a long way! I got this scrub because I get lots of ingrowns and when I use it, it leaves my skin so soft.
Katherine M.01/17/2021 Lavender Dreams Large Bubble Bath
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Second time ordering. I'm absolutely SOLD on these bubble bath products. Leaves my skin soft and smells amazing.
E.1/24/2021 Large Goat Milk Bubble Bath
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Bought this plus 3 bathbombs, haven't used the bathbombs yet but if they are anything like this bubble bath, I know it'll be heavenly. It has a nice light sweet smell and makes my skin feel so soft. I received a candle and lotion sample, the candle was lit during my bath for a spa experience and it also had a light, nice aroma. Haven't used the lotion yet but I'm positive I'll love it. I will be ordering again very soon.
Charlotte1/24/2021 Refill - Foaming Hand Soap
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This scent is amazing. I gave it a try not knowing what to expect and am so glad I did. It was securely packaged and came earlier than expected. The foam is rich and cleans all the gunk from work, homemaking, and having kids. It doesn't dry out my hands and is gentle enough for my toddler.
Annette K.
Annette K.1/11/2021 Facial Serum (Oil Based)
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It is not false advertising. This serum reduced the size of my pimples after just one use.
Guess what? No, not chicken butt! Ok, it IS chicken butt!

Welcome to our goat farm journey! Please hang on tight and keep all of your hands in the shower during this ride. We promise to surprise you with bold scents and colors as long as you continue to enjoy our products and our story. Learn more about us and our farm here.