About the Founder

Well hello! Welcome to Olive Drab Farm, the land of happy goats and curious chickens.

We are a husband and wife team living our dream on a small hobby farm in Central Florida. We purchased our farm in 2015 and shortly after the goats and chickens followed.

We are a young olive grove and plan to expand our olives over the next several years. We use self sustaining practices on our farm recycling when we can and using things such as solar energy.

Many years ago, Tamara was diagnosed with eczema and psoriasis. She knew about the power of goat milk but struggled with store bought items containing goat milk. It was all about the fragrances and other chemicals involved in the process. She developed her own recipes and paved the way to understanding her own skin condition.

Using science and chemistry, she continues to educate others on safe bath and body products.

Tamara has a B.A. in Natural Science and Mathematics with an emphasis in Chemistry as well as over 20 years in the healthcare field. She grew up in a farming community and without a doubt her spirit animal is the goat.

Red, our rock!

Red is retired from the U.S. Air Force and thoroughly enjoying the slower lifestyle of farming and animal husbandry. He thinks of himself more of a ranch-hand but truly he is a chicken whisperer.