Olive Drab Farm wants to help your organizations raise money to meet your fundraising goals.  We are interested in partnering with PTAs / PTOs, bands, choirs, cheer groups, dance and drill teams, scouts, church groups, gymnastic groups, FFA chapters, 4H clubs, youth sports teams and many more. We do fundraising the old-fashioned way, the handmade way. 

We are offering two different programs that both feature our high-quality, hand-made goodies, and our best-selling product!

(Please send us an email with the information located at the bottom of this page.)

Fundraising Programs

Buy & Sell Fundraiser

  • Reach your goals with our best-selling products!
  • Unique fundraising product to set your organization apart.
  • Up to 60% Profit Margin.
  • Simple and easy to run.
  • Perfect for small groups or large groups.
  • Customize your fundraiser by choosing from our best sellers.
  • Shipped directly to your organization.

Traditional Fundraiser

  • Sales are attributable to individual students.

  • High-quality hand-made products.

  • Up to 60% Profit Margin.

  • Flexible fundraising campaign dates.

  • Perfect solution for smaller groups on a tight timeline for raising funds.

  • Beautiful color brochures provided.

Olive Drab Farm has a program for your group regardless of size, location, or fundraising goals. Send us an email and let us know the following: ​

  • What is the purpose of your fundraiser?
  • Name of your organization/school (as much information as possible)?
  • Number of Participants?
  • Net sales goal?
  • When do you want to start your fundraising campaign?
  • When do you want to end your fundraising campaign?
  • Were you referred by anyone or another organization?
  • Fundraising campaign contact along with contact information?
  • What type of fundraising campaign are you interested in? Traditional or Buy & Sell?

Inquiries: or call us (727) 856-5298