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Natural deodorant free of aluminum and cornstarch for those individuals with sensitive skin. We use essential oil and phthalate free fragrance oils in our products and we do not heavily scent anything. This product is one we use ourselves on our farm and we do our fair share of sweating.

Ingredients: Beeswax, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), maranta arundinaacea root (arrowroot powder), butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), cocos nucifera (coconut oil), and fragrance.

Now a little armpit education shall we:

This product does contain baking soda. Some more sensitive users will have a reaction and some may not. Most people have used antiperspirant their whole lives which does stop you from sweating almost completely. When an individual makes the switch to natural deodorants the most common issue is the deodorant not working immediately. Some will go through a detox phase but that should never last more than ten days. If you go beyond that point then your new “natural deodorant” is NOT working and it is likely time to try another brand. The second most common issue is that a few individuals will develop a rash under their arm. This can be caused by various different reasons but I wanted to share some of those as to not panic anyone if this does occur to you. You could be having a reaction to your own sweat, I know it doesn’t make sense, it belongs to you!! Why would you react to your own sweat….well if you have been using antiperspirant your whole sweat-life your body is not use to that exposure and it is likely changing the pH of that area of your body. There is also the chance that the baking soda in some natural deodorants, ours included, can be adding to the new friction action happening in your arm pit. You have now introduced sweat and something that can be used as an exfoliate to your armpit, baking soda. There are other reactions to think about as well. Most natural deodorants contain coconut oil as well as many other oils to include nut oils. Please take these things into consideration when choosing a natural deodorant if you have a reaction. Keeping your armpit’s pH balanced is key and that means also removing the deodorant, and remember sometimes soap is not removing all of the deodorant. A lot of natural deodorants contain a wax of some sort, whether it is beeswax or plant based wax, it is a necessity in stick deodorants.

This deodorant does not contain any clay at all and will not stain your clothing. Please note you only need to put two to three swipes on or you may have some adverse side effects. That can include some of the stuff we discuss above such as the abrasiveness of the baking soda but it can also can your sweat to be a little chalky white and run down your body or clothing but I repeat this will not stain your clothing. The chalky white color would be the baking soda and/or arrowroot powder, both of which wash out of clothing. 🙂 If you find that this deodorant is not working for you, please ensure you have gone through your detox period as we also discuss above. This deodorant DOES WORK as long as you have detoxed. Please let us know if you have any questions though, we would be happy to help you navigate this crazy natural deodorant world.

Looking for something to help you maintain the pH of your armpit?? Try our armpit toner.

Fragrance Descriptions


A tropical combination of sweet lime and a touch of coconut cream so you can relax on your favorite beach.


This fragrance is our #1 seller across our product line. Our customers cannot get enough of the extravagant combination of sweet fruit including peaches and apples. There is a citrus twist at the base and will surely cast a spell on you too!


This scent is a great balance of french lavender blossoms and a grounding vanilla bean. This is not an overwhelming floral lavender and we believe the vanilla gives it stability.


A mysterious but dangerous invitation to get close. Tantalizing floral combinations with a swirl of citrus. This is an earthy scent with a spicy overlay. It is also my personal favorite of our masculine scents.


This scent can literally take you to any destination in your imagination. It is reminiscent of tropical vacations to Florida and further south. It is an even blend of mango, coconut, and pineapple as a sweet end note.


An intriguing blend of earthy scents including musk, black pepper, and bergamont.  There is a sweet vanilla to this one and we believe makes it unique for everyone and not limited to masculine lines.  And don’t worry, they did not forget the rum in this scent.


A unique blend of… yep nothing. There is absolutely no added scent to this product. It is totally naked.


Very traditional baby powder scent but not too over-powering.  It is light and embodies clean to its core.  There is no talc in this deodorant or fragrance, sorry but we are asked that question frequently.


A traditional tea tree essential oil, very medicinal and clean smelling.


Refreshingly masculine to its core. The scent will not change the performance of our deodorant but you never know, it might attract some attention because IT SMELLS GOOD!

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Best deodorant

I bought two and they both smell amazing. I’m glad to find a natural deodorant that actually works, doesn’t make me excessively dewy, and leaves my clothes smelling better than when I put them on in the morning. I will continue to buy this!

Actually works!!

I’ve tried several natural deodorants and this is by far the very best. I’ve never had this kind of luck before. Lasts ALL day, and I’m very active. I feel good about what’s in it, smells so good (hippie chic). Cute packaging and loving the free sample too. I love it so much I am giving these out for Christmas this year!

Best natural deodorant

I have tried almost all the natural deodorants and could never find one that actually made me not smell at the end of the day. THIS ONE THO.. is THE BEST!! I put it on in the morning and I’m good all day. I tend to sweat a lot and this keeps me smelling fresh all day long. I also go to the gym early in the morning before I take a shower, and I don’t need to put any deodorant on bc I’m still fresh from the day before. Don’t question just buy this!! You have a lifetime customer!!

Renee F
Amazing Product and Company!

I absolutely love the natural deodorant line. This the second time I've purchased the Hippie Chic and Armpit Toner. I usually get a rash and/or the natural deodorant fails, but both of these products are incredible. Everything was shipped quickly in adorable packaging. So grateful for the owner and the goats. :)

Elisa Kolker
Non Toxic and Works Well

The title is basically my review other than the Hippie Chic scent is so good! You will love it!!