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An incredible mousse-like facial moisturizer. This moisturizer is safe to use on your face and will not clog your pores. It is a very light moisturizer that resembles mousse but melts and soaks into your skin like butter. The essential oils used in this moisturizer are very light and uplifting.

I personally use this moisturizer as well as my friends and family. We live in Florida so sometimes we don’t feel like we need anymore moisture and this is a light weight moisturizer that does not feel like it is going to suffocate my skin with our 90%+ humidity in the summer. Not everyone likes a heavy moisturizer throughout the year, regardless of weather. The nutrients in this moisturizer are still something our skin needs in order to maintain it’s health pH.

Ingredients: Water, Goat’s Milk, Jojoba Oil, Orchid Extract, BTMS 50, Emulsifying wax, Germaben II, and essential oils including grapefruit, sweet basil, and lime.


Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Ockey
Absolutely the best!

I absolutely love the facial moisturizer! I love the light scent, I love how it literally is like mousse! It's not greasy, which is great because I'm prone to acne. Here in Montana it gets super dry, especially in the winter months so having this on hand is fabulous. I just might need to order another to keep at work so when I'm feeling dry I can just lather it on!

The goats have an awesome product going on here.

Cindy Schlesman

Love the facial moisturizer, the unscented and the one with essential oils. Really good!!

Rich P 19
Reasonable price for an excellent product.

Excellent product. My wife said she sees a difference in my complexion and asks what I am doing differently. Now I have to share the facial moisturizer!

My favorite moisturizer

Excellent. Very creamy and rich but not at all greasy. Perfect for our Florida weather!

Desiree Deve
Fantastic product

I love ODF products! I decided to purchase this last year for the first time after buying the hand lotion because I would just use that on my face too but thought getting the actual face moisturizer would be best because there's no alcohol in it and probably better for my face. Love it! Just as awesome as the hand lotion! I love the fact that it's non-greasy because I can't stand the feeling of cream or lotion on my skin, especially hands and face and that's why I didn't use lotion for years. I still often forget to get into this routine, so I bought another jar to keep one on my desk so if I forgot to use it during my morning wash, I remember it while I work and it only takes a minute to soak in and I can continue typing without greasing up my keyboard! Another thing I like with this moisturizer, as the hand lotion, is the scent free option. I hate flowery scents in particular and it's nice to know I won't have to walk around all day smelling like a perfume shop which makes me nauseous. Awesome product!

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