What actually makes the color rose gold and why is everyone so obsessed with it?


So let me be honest, rose gold is anything but new. Technically, it was discovered and used in Russia by Carl Fabergé. Yes that is the guy who made the fancy eggs. 🙂

Rose gold was actually called Russian gold in the 1800’s. It was heavily used in the Victorian era and then they changed the name to Rose Gold. It fell out of favor for a little bit when Platinum was considered the most luxurious. Again, it came back into favor following the end of WWII.

There is a lot of credit for Rose Gold becoming famous again when a certain “produce-electronics” company came out with a premium color. Then, even some men starting joining in on showing Rose Gold some love and POOF-overnight it became okay for anyone to have Rose Gold. I believe some people are attracted to it because it represents a sense of luxury and opulence.

So what is so special about this collection? Well its a first! Yes I have searched every where on the internet and all of my competitors and NOBODY had a complete set of Rose Gold bath products.

For us, Rose Gold is not about just being unique…its about it being for everyone and anyone.  Our products are specifically designed for those with sensitive skin so we do not exclude anyone. This collection is for our customers from all walks of life and we hope you feel luxurious and unique after using them too!

Check out the new collection...

Unbelievable Goat Milk Soap

A unique spin-off from our traditional goat milk soap, includes evening primrose oil and our unique rose gold color.

Luxurious Foaming Scrub

Whoa! An unbelievable experience. I mean I was in love with our sugar scrubs already, but the rose gold fragrance sent me over the edge of luxury.

Soothing Lip Scrub

A natural sugar scrub for lips in an enchanting color. This is for serious rose lovers only!

Decadent Facial Moisturizer

Push your boundaries and try our evening primrose moisturizer in a mousse-like texture.

Breathtaking Bath Bomb

We have a rule in our house...no boring baths. This bath bomb has passed the test every time! What a gorgeous color.

Rose Clay & Goat Milk Facial Mask

A clay mask that includes powdered goat milk. Great for all skin types and don't forget to moisturize! Anything but ordinary and you will never find this in the drug store.

Hydrating & Tinted Lip Balm

Hydrate your lips and give them a little color, a priceless color. For serious rose lovers only!

Rosehip & Hibiscus Facial Serum

Antioxidant-rich serum with rosehip oil and organic hibiscus extract, and perfect for all skin types.

Body Butter

You just have to experience this piece of luxury yourself. It is so unique, I have yet to find anything to compare it to. Full of goat milk, skin loving conditioners, cocoa butters, gosh the list goes on.

The Mega Box

Includes one of all of the products above and a special bonus!