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Beard oil is a fundamental part of taking care of your beard. It is so important because your facial hair needs just as much moisture and attention as the hair on your head.

This is a premium beard oil with honest ingredients. We only use the absolute best oils we can find in the US. We take a lot of pride in the products we make and we use them ourselves as well as our families.

We are farmer’s at heart, raising dairy goats, olive trees, the occasional pumpkin, and soon the back half our farm will be hops. Grooming is still a necessity, even as dirty as we tend to stay here on our family farm. Using high quality products and knowing our products are made by hand for people who actually use them, these are things we do not take lightly.

There are literally thousands of beard products on the market, but do appreciate you taking the time to give our products a look. If you have any questions about the ingredients, please don’t hesitate to send us a message. Have a specific scent you want, no worries! We take custom orders and can scent just one bottle in almost anything you are looking for. That is the beauty of handmade, customization!

Looking for great groomsmen gifts? Send us a message to inquire about quantity discounts as well as custom gift packaging.

Shelf life of this item is 12 months, but our personal usage of the oil is typically every four months to maintain a medium size goatee. Obviously, if you have a full beard or longer length it can take more. If you are worried you may not like the scent, try our 1/2 oz bottles to try before buying one of these large 2 oz bottles.

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Argan oil and fragrance. Some of our scents are pure essential oils.

Jojoba oil: in beard grooming products are known for unclogging the hair follicle. This can allow for healthier growing hair and to help remove dead skin cells that may be collecting at the base of your beard. This can reduce the chances of infections and help to reduce inflammation. Not only is jojoba oil known for its cleaning ability but it is a great conditioner for your beard as well. It can soften your hair and make those close moments more bearable. 😉

Argan oil: in beard grooming products is known for repairing hair follicles. Think about it, it is in almost every high-end women’s hair care product…..because it can repair and is just amazing. This has to be one of my personal favorites out of all of the oils we use to make our products. It is a great conditioner and softener as well.

Fragrances – our fragrances we use are absolutely 100% phthalate free as one of us has a major allergy to that little chemical. All of the fragrances we use are also skin safe. We are very careful about the fragrances we use and all of them are personally tested before we put them into our products. We do not test on any animals on our farm nor do we buy any raw materials from companies that test on animals. We do occasionally use essential oil blends in our men’s products and they will be labeled accordingly.

Kentish Rain – a fresh-earthy mix of basil, jasmine, and sandalwood. *our personal favorite*

Midnight – a fresh mix of bay leaf, fir needle, cedarwood, bergamont, and fresh tobacco leaf (not the smoking kind) #1 seller in deodorant.

Vanilla Oak – twisted traditional vanilla with notes of bergamont, amber, sandalwood, and a light patchouli. Smells absolutely incredible! 

Tioga– relax, and drift away to a warm, sunny beach in Florida edged by the blue water of the Gulf Coast and the gentle rush of waves. Tioga is the essence of a masculine-tropical escape. While many coconut fragrances are on the sweet side, this fragrance leans on woody notes of sandalwood, cedar, and amyris.

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