​Our herd is a collection of very interesting characters but they are more than that, they are my children. They hold a very special place in my heart and in my life.  These creatures are something I never thought would change my life the way they have. They not only provide me milk but with friendships I never knew could exist.  Follow us on our journey and experience authentic goat milk soaps that are handcrafted with not just love but a genuine devotion to safe bathing products.


Birthday: December 2011
Loves: treats, treats, and yes treats!
Dislikes: spray bottles and when we run out of treats.

This is our herd queen, as if it were not obvious. She is very bossy for how short and small she is but she does get the job done! Annabelle is a Nigerian Dwarf crossbreed which means she is a lot shorter than the rest of our herd. She manages to keep her position as queen though and has an undeniable love for treats.

You may receive coupon codes from her periodically as she believes the way to make money (for treat purchasing) is to have frequent sales. She believes “YUUUGE” sales bring in our customers. You will see, if you follow her emails, not all of her herd agrees.


Birthday: April 2013
Loves: to climb in trees for leaves
Dislikes: getting milked

Onyx is a Nubian and our main milk producer. Very curious and stubborn and often called “Ornery Onyx”. Don’t tell the others but she is my favorite as she is incredibly affectionate.

If you receive any messages from Onyx it will likely be regarding our facial line.  We named a product after her and she has completely taken over the marketing for our facial care. She loves talking about our facial moisturizers and how hydrating they can be. She is our “model” goat so it is no surprise she is obsessed with facial care.


Birthday: February 2012
Loves: rubbing her horns on the chicken coop and barn stalls.
Dislikes: being told to stop rubbing her horns on the barn stalls.

Pepper is very camera shy…but she is a love bug. She will catch you off guard and rub her face down the back of you leg. She is currently on milk vacation.

Even as timid as she can be, she is actually a very pushy sales-goat! Pepper is our last-minute promoter and will always let you know when our sales are about to end.


Birthday: March 13, 2016 (the day she came to our farm)
Loves: nap time and grooming her feet
Dislikes: having her beautiful horns touched

Sparkle is such a joy to have on our farm. Although skittish by nature, as she is a fainting goat, she is learning that treats are good and so is being milked. She is also the mother to one our studs, Merle Haggard. Since giving birth to him, she has also given us Star (you will meet her below).

Sparkle is our debutante and is the most proper of our goats.  If that is even possible as everyone is flatulent and just wee-wees where ever they want. She is always very curious about new things in the barn and in the field.  You will likely see her and her daughter Star introduce new products. They very literally believe they are the “cream of the crop.”


Birthday: June 22, 2018
Loves: her mom like there is no tomorrow
Dislikes: being shooed out of the food trough

Star is just that, the star of the show.  She is not shy like her mother, Sparkle, at all! She will run up to complete strangers and slide into the room as if she is yelling “HERE I AM!” Her personality continues to develop as she just recently turned 1 year old.

One thing we have noticed is she is very much a southern belle just like her mother.  She like things a certain way and there is no exception. She is basically a pre-madonna but she is so unbelievably beautiful I think she will get away with it for most of her life here on the farm.


Birthday: December 15, 2015
Loves: nibbling on your clothes when you are not looking
Dislikes: new people or objects in the barn

Lexie is a Lamancha-mini Nubian crossbreed who will be our second generation of dairy goats. She has grown up so fast and we are looking forward to her off-spring hopefully next year.  She is madly in love with one of our male goats, Merle Haggard. They grew up together as kids so their bond is something similar to high school sweethearts.

Lexie has been known to be skiddish sometimes and will become a complete drama queen if something or someone is new in the barn. She likes to show us how high she can jump which includes clearing the barn doors. Lexie can be very pushy if you are not paying attention to her when she wants you to. She has buddied up with Sparkle & Star so you will likely have her trying to get your attention when introducing new product lines.

Morning Glory

Birthday: May 15, 2015 check

Morning Glory is a retired show goat. She is a scratching love bug meaning she loves having her neck scratched and would do almost anything for oak leaves and bananas. She can be found on the farm napping or eating, she is not much of a “goat-play-time” goat and more jealous when the farmers are around.  Nobody gets attention but her! At least that is what she says.

Morning is the early bird on the farm. For some reason she gets up very early and I’ve found her out in pasture by herself many times.  Morning always has the inside scoop on Annabelle’s frequent sales. If you hear from her, she is giving you the “early worm” news.


Loves: oak leaves and any produce you can sneak to her
Dislikes: her nails being trimmed, she is very sensitive

Dawn is also a retired show goat and the daughter of Morning Glory. We were given the opportunity to bring her to our farm and we jumped at the chance. Rarely is a dairy farm able to reunite a mother and daughter but we could not be happier they are together again.

Dawn is our shy goat and tends to stick to herself out of everyone’s way. She is a super-sweet goat though and gives the best hugs. Although she is shy, you may hear from her to tell you a sale is about to end.

Merle Haggard

Birthday: April 6, 2016
Loves: to play on the other side of the fence in the neighboring farm
Dislikes: having to come home to his own farm

Merle is the first goat to be born on our farm. Born on April 6, 2016, his name is very fitting. He will live out his life here as he belongs to the late Doris Gruschke. Merle is such a joy and not a typical boy goat, he just wants to love on everyone and has such a calm temperament. 

 One thing is for sure, Merle has some unbelievable hair and did you see that beard? Even our farm vet has told me to start an IG account for Merle.  He has so many hair styles and the most beautiful red beard, we had to use his likeness for our men’s products. It sounds like Merle and Johnny are wanting to start a newsletter so stay tuned! 

Johnny Cash

Birthday: February 26, 2015
Loves: the girl goats, what can I say he is a ladies man/goat, you know what I mean!
Dislikes: the girls are in a pasture too far away from him.

Johnny was welcomed to our farm June 28, 2016. He is a full blood Nubian with beautiful markings and striking eyes. They are a ferocious orange, hence the name. Johnny is the father of Star above and has the hots for Sparkle! At the same time he loves all the ladies, quite the love triangle.

Johnny is the dominate boy in the herd and can be on the pushy side at dinner or treat time. He does love Merle like a brother though. They are so jealous the girls are doing the email marketing for the farm, they have started threatening to do their own newsletter.  We will see.