We are opening our shop for beginner level workshops starting March 13, 2021. I’ve organized a booklet, ingredients, and a stellar menu of courses. Our workshops feature as many local ingredients as we can find and we will provide you with a unique experience. Classes are small, 4-5 people max and we will require a face mask or shield. Safety gear, equipment, and ingredients are included, we only ask you show up ready to learn a life changing skill. You will leave our courses with products in hand (that YOU! made), a new skill set, confidence, and a set of instructions so you can repeat this project on your own.


To start, we will offer two basic soap making courses and a basic bath bomb course, that are truly for the novice. We will add other courses as long as there is an interest. If there is something you specifically want to learn please send us a message via admin@olivedrabfarm.com.

  • Soap Making for Beginners 101: This course will consist of a review of mica colorants and fragrance oils that can be used in cold process soap making. It also includes hands on learning, meaning you are going to make your own 2 pound soap loaf and take it home.

  • Bath Bombs for Beginners: This course will consist of an in depth view of ingredients you can use in bath bombs and their benefits. We will go over some troubleshooting for our Florida humidity and test lots of different bath bomb molds (yes I’m a hoarder of molds). You will leave this course with several bath bombs that will be ready to use in just a few days.

  • Elderberry Syrup:We have a local teacher for elderberry syrup we plan to start mid-summer. Make sure to sign up below for announcements.

We are looking forward to giving back to our community by teaching self empowerment and maybe create a few more soap enthusiasts in the world!  Want to be the first to know when registration opens?  Sign up below for workshop notifications. Our classes will be very small in size and to be honest we have had such an overwhelming request, we are sure these classes will sell out quickly. If you miss your chance, make sure to check back as we will add dates on a rolling basis. We will also send an email letting everyone know when we post classes for the next month.  

Also, we want to know what you want! When you enter your name and email below, you will receive a survey from us asking about the types of classes you would like to attend. Even if it is not specifically soap or bath products, we plan to expand classes to include crafts, one of a kind birthday parties, and maybe some elderberry or cookie decorating classes. 😉

Feedback from our customers: included ideas we just thought were amazing so we plan to offer the following courses. You can sign up for notifications for those specific courses by clicking on the button below and selecting the course your are interested in. It may show it is sold out but there is a waitlist button you can add your email to.

  • solid lotions & lip balms

  • cold process soap with additives

  • basic & intermediate bath bombs

  • hot process soap

  • liquid soap from scratch

  • household cleaners