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Have you had issues with switching to natural deodorants? Are you getting what looks like a road rash or possibly your armpit lost a battle with a shark? This product was created for you and out of my own desperation.

I periodically develop a slight rash from the very deodorant we sell right here on our site.  One day, I’m trying to calm the rash down and sprayed some of my facial toner (also sold here) in my armpit. It was pure heaven and I have used it since. It helps to remove any leftover deodorant at the end of the day and it helps balance the pH in the armpit again.

Shelf life of this item is 6-9 months, but my personal usage of the toner shows I go through one bottle every other month.


Are you new the world of natural deodorants? Here is some information that may help you.

#1 Detox – some more sensitive users will have a reaction and some may not. Most people have used antiperspirant their whole life, which does stop you from sweating almost completely. When some people makes the switch to natural deodorants the most common issue is the deodorant not working immediately. Some will go through a detox phase but that should never last more than ten days. If you go beyond that point then your new “natural deodorant” is NOT working and it is likely time to try another brand. When we say detox here, we are not referring to your diet but merely the state of your armpit and the amount of antiperspirant that is still clogging your sweat gland pores.

#2 pH Issue -the most common issue is that a few individuals will develop a rash under their arm. This can be caused by various different reasons but I wanted to share some of those as to not panic anyone if this does occur to you. You could be having a reaction to your own sweat, I know it doesn’t make sense, it belongs to you!! Why would you react to your own sweat….well if you have been using antiperspirant your whole sweat-life your body is not use to that exposure and it is likely changing the pH of that area of your body. There is also the chance that the baking soda in some natural deodorants, ours included, can be adding to the new friction action happening in your arm pit. You have now introduced sweat and something that can be used as an exfoliate to your armpit, baking soda. There are other reactions to think about as well. Most natural deodorants contain coconut oil as well as many other oils to include nut oils. Please take these things into consideration when choosing a natural deodorant if you have a reaction.

#3 Diet -they say you are what you eat but did you know that you sweat what you eat too? That’s right, I said it. If you eat a not so healthy (aka crappy) you body struggles with everyday things such as digestion and yes sweat! Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet vastly affects your skin and its ability to pH balance when it needs to.

Keeping your armpit’s pH balanced is key and that means also removing the deodorant, and remember sometimes soap is not removing all of the deodorant. A lot of natural deodorants contain a wax of some sort, whether it is beeswax or plant based wax, it is a necessity in stick deodorants.

Customer Reviews

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The Dunlaps
Great stuff

Great stuff. This toner finally removed popular commercial brand deodorant smell that even with washing and rubbing with alcohol would not remove. I’m so glad not to smell that anymore and then I discovered Olive Drabs natural deodorant, so happy it’s wonderful. Also my husband used the toner for poison ivy says it helps with the itching and heals it faster. He swears by the stuff and has extra on hand. He also loves their natural deodorant and charcoal soap.

Renee Fischer
Amazing Product and Company!

So grateful for this product and company. I can't say enough great things about the Armpit Toner. It helps my natural deodorant stay fresh and prevents any rashes or irritation. Love the scent!

Candice Smith

This is the solution to my irritation! Love this product!