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Have you ever heard of magnesium cream? 
Do you struggle with painful swelling of your feet or legs?
Do you toss and turn at night, struggling to get a good nights rest?

What if I told you a simple mineral can potentially assist in reducing all of those uncomfortable symptoms?

We put some science to work in our shop and have mastered a new recipe. This one is special though. We have combined a high magnesium chloride with goat milk along with some other incredible ingredients. This cream has a similar texture to our facial moisturizers and our sole cream. It is mousse like and quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

Simply apply a nickel size amount to your feet and/or legs about 15 minutes before going to bed.  Some notice a difference on the first night, some can take up to a week. 

This cream has a high magnesium content, approximately 10% of transdermal magnesium  chloride that is absorbed more effectively than the magnesium sulfates and oxides found in other products. Due to this, it can be drying and you may need to keep the application area moisturized with an additional lotion. We highly suggest our body butters for a deep moisturizing experience.

Each application can give you magnesium for sleep, restless leg relief, muscle soreness control, anxiety management and the many other benefits of magnesium. 

 manage insomnia
 soothe leg cramps
✓ ease RLS symptoms
✓ ease muscle soreness
✓ calm your nerves
 and much more.

Contains a blend of goat milk, emulsifying wax, btms (skin conditioning wax), magnesium chloride brine, and a blend of our essential oils we use for foot care (lavender, tea tree, and supreme peppermint).

You will receive one 4 oz jar of this handcrafted cream. Apply a good amount (more than you would put on your hands) at least 15 minutes before bed. It is best to pair this item with an additional moisturizer.  We also offer a sole-scrub, #1 in our Sole Mates collection, that has the same powerful essential oil blend if you want to go the extra mile. This is item #2 in our Sole Mates collection, make sure to follow us and check back so you can see item #3.

Still need convincing?

This cream is not just for your feet, I have personally had great results using on back pain or sore arms. Magnesium is a mineral our body needs, we just need to recognize that!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jennifer Ockey
Oh my gosh!

I can't say enough about this magnesium cream. I slather my feet and legs in it before bed and sleep so well.
I also love the light scent of the essential oil blend. I bought two, one for me and one for my hubby. He "forgets" to use his so I've stolen his! Believe me I will not be running out of this anytime soon!

Desiree Deve
Great for low grade aches and pains

I decided to buy this cream when I saw this new product on ODF's etsy store. We love the hand lotion because it's actually non-greasy unlike so many that claim they are but are really not and I can't stand the feeling of lotion on my body, let alone my hands. Anyway I bought thr magnesium cream to try because I tend to have restless legs at night. My husband swears by this cream so much that I just bought 4 jars! It takes care of his muscle pains (works as a siding contractor and is a dirtbike rider and plays hockey too). I rub it onto his neck amd shoulders almost daily and his legs or arms when necessary. I have been using it on my feet when I get restless and I rub some into my forehead when I have a headache! This stuff is gold! It gets rid of my low grade headaches within 30 minutes (bear in mind if I don't do anything about it they will last ALL DAY until I give into ibuprofen which I hate doing). For more persistent headaches I use it again after 30 minutes and shortly after I am headache free. For really bad headaches, it's worth using too, it will at least lessen the pain. Well, what else can I say? This cream is the best. Definitely worth having in the house!!!

Deborah Melka-Wilson
It's been working

I've suffered with RLS for ages with no relief except with medication 3 times daily.. This cream has helped me enormously. Give it a try, it might help!

A MUST Have!

I have restless leg at night and major cramps in my legs. It wakes me up out of a dead sleep. I bought this hoping it would help. OMG! The day finally came, unfortunately. The cramping hurt and the leg would not stop twitching. I could not sleep. But fortunately, I had this cream! I hadn't used it yet. I rubbed it all over my calf and I felt relief in minutes! I was able to fall back asleep for the rest of the night. I AM SOLD!

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