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Have dried or cracked feet?

Are you prone to athlete’s foot?

This might be just the moisturizer for you. Our sole-cream is designed specifically with your feet in mind. We have sensitive skin too so we know how difficult it can be to find effective product that does not contain half of a nuclear plant!

We start with a handmade hibiscus tea, an ingredient known for its richness of powerful antioxidants. Next, we add fresh-unpasteurized goat milk directly from our very own goats.  We mix and combine these ingredients together with a skin conditioning ingredients such as conditioning emulsifiers (the glue of the whole cream) and a fast absorbing oils, like jojoba. If all of those goodies weren’t enough, we also added a mighty blend of premium essential oils that includes peppermint, lavender, and tea tree oil. Did you know tea tree essential oil is known for his fungus fighting muscles?

You will receive one 4 oz jar of this handcrafted moisturizer. Apply a good amount (more than you would put on your hands) after you shower and slip your hooves into a comfy pair of socks. Make sure to exfoliate your feet the next morning with a good pumice stone. We also offer a sole-scrub, #1 in our Sole Mates collection, that has the same powerful essential oil blend if you want to go the extra mile. This is item #2 in our Sole Mates collection, make sure to follow us and check back so you can see item #3.

Still need convincing?

Bottom Line:
If you have feet, you need this.
If your feet ever get calloused, you need this.
If you love to be barefoot, it’s a game changer.

And the best part is, it is effective immediately, no waiting around for results. This is one of the few foot products that actually absorbs immediately into your skin as soon as it’s applied. It takes very little product to make a big difference, but you want to keep applying it anyway because the feeling is addictive. I’ve been told it is like putting your foot into a peppermint patty… you <huge sigh>

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Elisa Kolker
The Sole Cream is Awesome!

I love this foot cream. After my shower at night, I put it on and then put socks on. The consistency is good and will absorb into your feet leaving them much more soft and hydrated. It really does make a difference!

Michel Blain
Sole Cream and foot scrub

The Best Cream Lotion on earth 🌎. Created specifically for my Feet.
That was a wonderful gift from my baby...
Love it and use it Every day. I even ordered two more jars. 😀

I love this stuff!

so much so, I'm buying them for holiday presents!

Cindy Schlesman
Foot scrub and lotion

So good!! I don't usually like lotion on my feet but I love this lotion and the scrub.

Susan Moore

I love the texture of the lotion and the smell. Perfect for feet!