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This pack of shower soothers is going to change the way you shower. A beautiful blend of honest ingredients with just the right amount of menthol. This menthol packed shower treat that will open up a ton of possibilities. This is a great way to enjoy some aromatherapy in the shower.

What is a Shower Soother? It is a menthol treat similar to a bath bomb. When it comes into contact with water it will begin to fizz and with the combination of steam and the menthol within the treat, it helps carry the aroma added. Many of our customers have asked for more “flavors” in our shower soothers. Most shower steamers and soothers have a ton of menthol crystal and sometimes you just don’t smell anything but the menthol. Now don’t get us wrong, we still have menthol in this product but a tad less so you can enjoy some soothing fragrances.

How to use? Allow water to active the soother. Place in an area of your shower that the water will not constantly stream onto it. You can even hang them in an organza bag and allow the steam to carry the menthol and essential oils. Caution though… do not use these shower steamers as bath bombs and always wash your hands after handling.

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, arrowroot powder, cream of tartar, menthol crystals, isopropyl alcohol, and a very seductive fragrance.

You are about to relax…

Black Currant & Absinthe – sensual but sophisticated with delicate saffron threads, sweet anise, and a whisper of eucalyptus.

Black Jasmine – a sophisticated mix of bergamot, cassis, rose, neroli, jasmine, and smoky musk.

Carribean Teakwood – bold spicy notes of allspice blended with rich leather, tobacco leaf and clove blend into the woody, deep base of sandalwood, amber, and peppercorn.

Frankincense & Myrrh – truly unique patchouli base with hints of citrusy bergamot and amber finishing off with a earthy powder and oud.

Winter Gardenia – a unique and captivating blend of fresh gardenia, peppermint, and camphot.

What makes it special?