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Ever feel like you are missing out on these luxurious bath bombs because you do not have a tub?  Shower bombs are here to solve that problem. They are for those tub lovers too!

So what is a shower bomb?

Bath bombs are know to foam, soften the bath water, and basically explode (without the explosion) with scent and fizzing. Shower bombs are more of a slower version of a bath bomb. They still fizz, foam, and have great scents but… they react a bit slower. This slower reaction allows you to scoop off the foam and bath away. You can even stop the reaction from continuing by wiping off the foam and placing in a dry area of your shower.

Each of our six signature scents are designed to stimulate your senses by relaxing or lifting your mood. You can create your own spa-like shower right at home. These 5 oz foamers are packed with seaweed and clay to create a cleansing mousse you sweep over your skin leaving silky-smooth-soft skin. 

What makes our shower bombs different than those other big name brands?  Our unique recipe contains goat milk and zero cornstarch, meaning these shower bombs are specifically for those of us with sensitive skin and they do not contain any GMO ingredients. Our shower bombs are also a whopping 5 weighted ounces allowing for up to 5 uses, whereas our counterparts are 1 oz (for the same price) and last 1-1.5 showers.

Directions: Start your shower and hold the shower bomb under the flow. As it expands and reacts, GATHER up the foam, using it to cleanse.
To store, keep your shower bombs fresh and in a dry container or area of your shower. Anything that keeps them away from water. Allow your shower bomb to dry between showers. This shower bomb (5 oz) should last up to 5 showers.

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, arrowroot powder, SLSa (foamer – sodium lauryl sulfoacetate – sulfate free foamer), goat’s milk, cream of tartar, sodium alginate (sea weed), cocoa butter, avocado oil, polysorbate 80, isopropyl alcohol, fragrance oil, mica, iron oxide, and titanium dioxide.