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Pedi-scrub anyone?

Minty…scrubby….relaxing….and luxurious! All of the things you want in any scrub but especially your feet. Unlike other scrubs that leave an oily residue in your shower/tub, this scrub foams and leaves your shower a little cleaner. Some scrubs (due to the oil base) can dry out your feet as well, but not this scrub.  Packed with lovely apricot kernel oil, your feet will be moisturized for days.

This scrub is specifically designed for your foot. With a targeted combination of premium essential oils including peppermint, lavender, and tea tree. We have had reports, this combination of essential oils feels like a peppermint patty. But you know, without the chocolate!

Our foaming scrubs are all made from scratch, starting with our foaming base. Our base includes fresh goats milk directly from our farm. We use an extremely mild surfactant called SCI (sodium cocyl isethonitate), also known as baby foam. That’s right baby foam, gentle enough for children. It is made from coconuts and is known for its ability to sobulize (meaning it disolves oils and other gunk). I might have gone a little nerdy there but I’m happy to answer any scientific questions about our ingredients.

We are a hands on farm, and that means feet too! We all wear leather boots (mostly steel toe) and the hot Florida weather is hard on our own hooves. We test and use this product on a regular basis. This product is perfect to use right after you soak your feet in one of our pedi-bombs available in this essential oil blend as well as our muscle-ache blend.